Hello and welcome to the Ekidna family for 2018.  We would like to offer a warm welcome and we look forward to sharing this coming year with you as we work together to help your child achieve their learning outcomes.

Following is information about our room that ensure a smooth transition into 2018. We are having an information meet and greet evening in February. All families are invited to attend and meet your child’s room educators, explore the environments and discuss our curriculum.

What will my child need to bring each day...


A water bottle...

A water bottle that your child can identify, with their name clearly marked, that is to be taken home at the end of each day, washed and returned for next day of attendance.

This water bottle is used for drinks of water between meal times. (Cups milk are supplied)

A hat...

A hat, wide brimmed or legionnaire, with name clearly marked. Hats are also to be taken home at the end of the day.

Spare hats are no longer available so please ensure your child has a hat each day.                                                              


Spare clothes...

Spare clothes, catering to all weather types.

Please ensure that all your child’s items are clearly labelled. Children have access to their bags throughout the day and often items are left around. When labelled, these items can easily be returned to correct bags/lockers.